Sonntag, 2. April 2017

Starting with multichannelmarketing

Here’s how to get started with your multichannelmarketing?

Get your stuff on board. An multichannelmarketing strategy cannot be built in a day, and it certainly cannot be built by one person. Align all of your marketing teams from the get-go with the common goal of engaging customers where they are.

Map your user journey. Sit down, grab a beignet, and map out every different way you interact with your existing users and those you wish to acquire. Think: email, digital ads, social, SEO, Content Marketing, Online PR, Press Relations, Media, traditional TV — the list goes on. How does each channel interact with customers, and how do their goals and behaviors differ by channel?

We live our lives in many places. It takes more than one touch point to build the kind of two-way relationships that both brands and users want. After all, customers don’t become brand fanatics through one point.

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